One for me – one for you

Two years ago I had the privilege as fashion editor to interview founder Paolo Gensini and his son Alessando Gensini at the beautiful Palazzo Hotel at Monte Casino. This father and son duo stole my heart and I knew that being part of this brand was not just wearing glamorous jewellery, but also to be part of a very close … Read More

Your Christmas Gift List

Men can do their Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on Christmas Eve in 25 minutes. I mean seriously do they even ever put some thought into it. On the other hand when some people give me a Christmas gift I realize that they know absolutely nothing about me. So on that note I went out and assessed my family, because … Read More


Be an OKgrl Do we ever grow up? As a woman who loves pink, unicorns and has a slight obsession with all Disney movies, I don’t really think that I will ever grow-up to be an old lady that doesn’t know how to have fun. So let me introduce you to a brand that is pink, fun and really celebrates … Read More

Ditch the razor and opt for laser

Always wanted to be a silky sphynx all year round, well with The Laser Beautique you can. Are you also one of those ladies who dread waxing, the pain, the stickiness and the anticipating horrific moment when you wait for the therapist to hold your arm or leg in place (almost like deboning a chicken) and rip out your hair … Read More

Let’s talk photography and Pinterest versus reality

These days there are various bloggers and especially photographers collaborating on various platforms. As a blogger you always need images for your social media feeds as well as the aesthetically pleasing part of beautifying your blogs, Instagram etc. I would love to touch on this subject as I’ve received many questions on it. “Who do you work with? Who would … Read More

Meetings, milkshakes and macaroons: “Nice to MMMEET you”

So what do you write on your first blog? Let’s keep it sweet and short. Hi there I am Adré, better known on social media as Meet Mrs Müller. Who am I really you might ask? Well that is why I have a home page and an all about me section on my website, so I will not bore you … Read More