Let’s talk photography and Pinterest versus reality

These days there are various bloggers and especially photographers collaborating on various platforms. As a blogger you always need images for your social media feeds as well as the aesthetically pleasing part of beautifying your blogs, Instagram etc.

I would love to touch on this subject as I’ve received many questions on it. “Who do you work with? Who would you recommend working with? What do you wear? How do you decide on your venue and outfits etc.”? These are all very important questions. My latest lifestyle photoshoot was with photographer Anje van Dalen from Madison and West Lifestyle Division. So, let’s get down to answering those pressing questions and giving advice from my point of view.

Vibe, look, theme and venue:

To me this is all the same, because they all fit in together. To create your theme or look you need to decide what you want your audience to see. Do you want your blogs and feed to have a clean look, deep and dark vibe, more airy and flowery or even fit in with a specific season? Dear all Pinterest is a very valuable tool when you want inspiration for your look and feel, but we will talk more about Pinterest just now. Also talk to your photographer he or she might just have the look you were looking for, but you never thought of it. This will then lead to you being able to look for a suitable venue and this will bring the whole look together. Please also remember that when a venue is not charging you to shoot at their establishment then please give them credit in all your photographs as well as mention. I chose Meet on Milner for this shoot as it suited the sophisticated still very relaxed vibe and look, I wanted to create for Meet Mrs Muller. The owner Mr Vichy Gutty was so kind and generous to allow me to shoot there and after the shoot we had some lovely bubble and chatted away about Mauritius (where he is from and also my favourite country in the world) – make sure you become a friend of your venue – just in case you need to shoot some much needed content in the future.

Outfit, make-up and hair:

Never change who you are, Pinterest has amazing ideas and looks, but stay true to who you are. This goes for everything when planning your outfit. Do not do a fake tan ever if that is not you. Also do not try out products that you’ve never tried and tested at least a month before hand, you don’t want an allergic reaction to your skin or face the day before your planned shoot. Make-up can also make or break the look and feel for your shoot. Most photographers are so good your really only need the basic essentials, if you do opt for a make-up artist look at some of her pervious work as well as if she suits the look and feel of the content you want to create. I love Rozanne Marais from Artistry Flare – she also asks you to send her some of your ideas and she really works around your theme. Outfits need to be true to who you are. We all want to look like the Vogue cover girls, I promise you – you can, but only when you feel and look comfortable in what you are wearing. A true test to this is, ask yourself “Will I follow someone that looks like this”? if the answer is YES, then go for it, if not? Rethink your outfit choice. Also ask the opinion of your photographer, for this shoot I killed Anje with all my choices and ideas I guess, but she was always willing to assist and even got super excited with me on my wardrobe planning. Also have only 3 set outfits and 1 extra outfit for in case. Rather get the images that you want than rushing to get through your wardrobe changes. The same with your hair, if you mostly wear it down then wear it down with your shoot, if you like wearing clips etc. everyday then do it on shoot day, but if you don’t rather leave it, you need to be and feel as comfortable as always. For this shoot I had my amazing hairdresser Marchelle Beyers from Gary Rom Brooklyn do a perfect blow dry and sleek styling.

Outfit: Forever New, Pretty Jane
Hair: Gary Rom Hairdressing Brooklyn Mall (Marchelle Beyers)

Pinterest and reality:

So, let’s just get the white elephant out of the room – dear old Pinterest. Look I love to hate her, she has the best ideas, but when you work with a budget, she is also not your friend but the aesthetically pleasing Silverlake’s of Pretoria East bragging and boasting foe. It is great to have the ideas and show them to your photographer, but remember each photographer also has his/her own style and you chose them for a reason. They will always try and replicate what you want, but also respect their individuality and personal vibe. Also rather be different, change Pinterest ideas up to show your personal style and individuality. You don’t want to be the blogger who copies Pinterest, where is the fun in that? Then I will rather just follow Pinterest in all honesty. Anje is so versatile and accommodating, she will always ask you your preferences as well as allow you to choose the images that she will edit for you and I can say with honesty that she goes the extra mile for her clients, she will rather want you to be happy, to create a lasting, loving and returning photographer customer experience with you as her client.

Outfit: Forever New, Mr Price

Personal Experience:

I’ve worked with various photographers in my life and of course there are many very great and talented photographers, and Anje is really one of my personal favourites. Not just because she became a friend (that is also a major plus – she is really the typa girls you WANT to have wine with) but she oozes professionalism, from her quotes right up to delivering your images. She also delivered well upon time and I was super thrilled and ecstatic with my images, so much so that I even ordered more that was not part of the package deal at a very cost effective price might I ad.

Outfit: Forever New, Pretty Jane

Giveaway time:

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“Ps don’t die a copy; you were born an original”

T’s and C’s:

Portrait Session, shoot has to be in Pretoria, photographer will also make recommendations on the location/venue, valid till end of February 2020.https://madisonandwestlifestyle.com

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