Looking fit and fabulous “while looking fabulous never looked so fit”

So, there is this saying that summer bodies are made in winter, whoever is that dedicated, well done to you. For me it is literally a time of sinking myself into my couch with a fluffy blanket and drowning myself in hot chocolate – less 98% fat free (if that counts for anything worthy of being summer ready). You can imagine the panic when the first of September arrives and this summer body is still in hibernation mode. Once you jump on the scale, that moment before you experience severe cardiac arrest, that’s the moment you cry immensely wishing your life was over or you take all that cups of hot chocolate anger out on your husband in the hopes that releasing your emotions will shed some kilojoules.

Then the cupboard clear out starts, everything with a speckle of sugar gets thrown in the dustbin or even better down your throat, because you can’t waste, and the big diet starts tomorrow, yes only tomorrow. Gym contracts are being renewed and quick fix methods are googled. The place where I really got the fright of my life was in the gym’s bathroom mirrors. I was thinking, ‘Mrs. Muller what the fudge are you wearing’ and just then I realized that if you don’t dress for weight success, holy smokes the weight will not leave your cardiac arresting ass at all.

So this is me decluttering my fitness malfunctioning wardrobe and going from drab to fab in gym, with my extra kilograms – yes let’s hope that will also go from drab to fab before December.


Look 1: “Tickle me Pink”

Pink Shirt *R149.95 Pro-Action

Pink Cap *R269.95 Puma

Tights *R299.95 Pro-Action

Dusty Runners *POR Hi-Tec


Look 2: “Flower Power”

Pink Shirt *R349.95 Puma

Pink Cap *R269.95 Puma

Flower Tights *R299.95 Pro-Action

Dusty Runners *POR Hi-Tec


Look 3: “All that Glitters”

Pink Shirt *R299.95 Nike

Pink Cap *R269.95 Puma

Glitter Tights *R299.95 Pro-Action

Grey Runners *R1599.00 Adidas


Look 4: “Basic Black”

Black Shirt *R349.95 Puma

Black Training Bra *R199.95 Pro-Action

Black Tights *R299.95 Pro-Action

Pink Cap *R269.95 Puma

Pink Runners *R299.95 Pro-Action

Edgars fashion holds various brands and is Meet Mrs Muller’s number one go to “all-in-one” stop shop.


Laters my beauties


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