Meetings, milkshakes and macaroons: “Nice to MMMEET you”

So what do you write on your first blog? Let’s keep it sweet and short.

Hi there I am Adré, better known on social media as Meet Mrs Müller. Who am I really you might ask? Well that is why I have a home page and an all about me section on my website, so I will not bore you out of your mind with my first blog. This is mainly to invite you to subscribe to my blog as well as to give you more information on the platform

I enjoy writing, I love having an opinion (and everybody is entitled to their own) if you don’t have an opinion I might wonder if you are living on life support or just love stealing valuable oxygen. This is not a platform though to raise negative opinions but rather to have fun.

On a weekly basis I will connect with you sharing my reviews on certain products (as most know I am an animal cruelty free activist so please do not even attempt to ask me to review products tested on animals), I will blog on social events, giveaways, discounts, beauty hacks, cooking with Daily Dish, new fashion trends and sometimes things that make me really happy and a tiny bit of what makes me sad (I am not actually in the business of spreading sadness at all). I invite you to come on this lifestyle journey with me (if that is what pleases you of course) and let’s celebrate being woman, in all of the wonderful magnitude of facets it encompasses.

Nice to e-meet you my Beauties

Meetings, milkshakes and macaroons

Till laters’


“Ps: be the person your dog thinks you are, or try at least”

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