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Two years ago I had the privilege as fashion editor to interview founder Paolo Gensini and his son Alessando Gensini at the beautiful Palazzo Hotel at Monte Casino. This father and son duo stole my heart and I knew that being part of this brand was not just wearing glamorous jewellery, but also to be part of a very close knit family.

Two years later and I had the great honour to be part of the launch of the new campaign #oneformeoneforyou as well as the opening of the first Nomination Store in South Africa in Fourways Mall Johannesburg..


It’s a fun way to create your Nomination Composable bracelet with someone, gifting or choosing Links, the small elements that together make up the bracelet. It is this interaction that creates special relationships and enriches each bracelet with meaning.
 “One for me, one for you” is the message of the new Nomination communication strategy. An invitation to share and connect with others, in a continuous exchange of Links that, in addition to being small jewels that represent the very best of Florentine goldsmith tradition, are also symbols, dedications or words of love that celebrate our relationships and personal bonds.

For the new campaign, Nomination turned to New York based Creative Agency GB65, a luxury brand specialist. GB65’s Founder and Creative Director, Giovanni Bianco, architected the new campaign and directed the new video commercials; with his talent and international vision, Giovanni Bianco, conveys the distinctive modernity of Composable. The commercial he has created for Nomination has the rhythm and attention grabbing attraction of a music video. As engaging as life itself, the commercial is full of diversity, like the Links in the Composable Collection.
In the new commercial a voice punctuates the music with the simple mantra “One for me, one for you” while in sequence we see the world of relationships that are part of her life, just like they are a part of our lives: friends, partners, parents, grandparents, children. The upbeat music reflects the rhythm of our own lives, which are shaped and enriched with new encounters and new adventures. See below the link to the new video for the #oneformeoneforyou campaign.

Just as every encounter is different, each Link is unique and personal, the Composable Collection includes over 2,000 Links. The base, in stainless steel, is decorated with 18K gold, 9K rose gold or sterling silver. The themes of each Link are interpreted by the person wearing them, whether they are symbols, the initials of someone’s name, bright semi-precious stones, colourful enamels or sparkling cubic zirconia and natural diamonds.
In an increasingly individualistic society, “One for me, one for you” is the message that promotes an attitude of generosity, while the modular nature of Composable promotes interaction and sharing: your bracelet is enriched by the encounters and events of the adventure that is your life story.
Every Composable bracelet is the beginning of a vivid and intimate story of encounters and adventures. Because your life is shared with those around you.

The event was done in all black and white décor with a touch of silver in the beautiful and extravagant balloon wall display. The story of Nomination started in an ice-cream shop and it was only fitting that we had a ice-cream stand serve us the most divine flavour combinations, my personal favourite was the chocolate and salted caramel ice-cream. Triger Brands and The Publicity Workshop once again hosted a very delightful and well organized event – as they always do. A highlight event to end of my social media Silly Season.

About Nomination

Nomination is the worldwide leader in the steel and gold jewellery market. All made in Italy, Nomination produces fashion jewellery for men and for women using materials of the highest quality: stainless steel, 18K gold, 9K rose gold and sterling silver; Cubic Zirconia, precious and semi-precious stones and natural diamonds. Nomination’s brand philosophy was established with the creation of the Composable Link Bracelet in 1987. The Composable bracelet is made up of a series of interchangeable precious links that allow you to personalise your bracelet link by link. Nomination, synonymous with quality, originality and innovation, is an international brand with more than 5,000 independent retailers and more than 100 monobrand stores around the world.

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