Your Christmas Gift List

Men can do their Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on Christmas Eve in 25 minutes. I mean seriously do they even ever put some thought into it. On the other hand when some people give me a Christmas gift I realize that they know absolutely nothing about me. So on that note I went out and assessed my family, because giving a gift means giving them a part of my heart. my love and my appreciation for their presence in my life. Every year I also have a theme and colour scheme to wrap my gifts that I will also share with you.

So let’s get wrapping:

This year I am going for red, gold, brown and some glitter. I have also decided to make my own little reindeer tags, this you can later recycle and use as a Christmas decoration for your tree by personalizing each reindeer with each person’s name.

This is what you will need:

  • Gift paper
  • Sellotape
  • Scissor
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue gun
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Ribbon

Firstly wrap each gift. I like to put gifts in shoe boxes or any box so that the paper looks nice and neat. Take your glue gun and create a triangle with 3 ice cream sticks. Place a pompom on one corner as the nose and place 2 googly eyes just above the nose each on one side. Decorate the top stick with pompoms. Place a curled pipe cleaner on each side on the top stick for the reindeer horns and use a ribbon to make a loop and glue with the glue gun. Write the person’s name on the top stick.

Now let’s talk about what we put into our boxes. Edgars surely makes Christmas shopping an absolute breeze, as it is a one stop shop.

Here I share with you my shopping gift list:

For Babies:

Let’s face it babies will hardly ever remember their first Christmas. So for my friends baby I decided to go with clothing that she can actually use at her little age as well as a cool soft toy to last her till her next Christmas.

For girls 6-7 years:

My little Godchild loves dresses and unicorns. So I got her this pretty dress from Edgars and some unicorn spray and hair detangler (because she has very long hair) and wrapped it up all pretty.

For boys 10-11 years:

My Godchild Alec is at that stage where some things are just cooler than others, so to be the coolest aunt on the block I’ve decided to buy him a cool tshirt for Christmas.

For Moms:

My mother is forever walking with slippers through the house and the best gift that just keeps on giving to her will be a new pair in a Christmas theme.

For brothers:

My brother will be heading to the seaside this holidays and the best way to spoil him is with new slops and new baggy shorts.

For sisters:

My sister loves brand name clothing and a lot of bling, this Sissy Boy shirt perfectly fits the requirements.

For Dads and husband:

My Dad and my husband are very particular clothing buyers, so I’ve decide to make them a cool bro hamper and include an Edgars gift card to spoil themselves before we leave on holiday.

And that is why I am obsessed with Edgars shopping, because it is easy, fast and they cater for every single need.

And for me, I’m dreaming of a White Christmas but if the white runs out I’ll drink the red.

Three phrases that sum up Christmas in South Africa:

Peace on Earth

Goodwill to men and…

Batteries must please be included due to load shedding

Macaroons, milkshakes and meetings

Till later’s my Beauties

“Ps be the person your dog thinks you are, or at least try”

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